Designer skin tanning lotions are professional beauty products that are designed to offer your skin an effect very much alike in appearance with the traditional suntan.

The tan represents a chemical reaction between the dihydroxyacetone (DHA) ingredient contained by most effective products with the skin surface. The artificial tanning process consists of artificial and temporary skin pigmentation without implying exposing the body to the sun. The tan will fade in a few days, depending on the product’s effectiveness and how often it is used.

Designer skin tanning lotions offer you the most attractive and eye catchy tan to your skin in the safest way possible. You will not even make the difference between the tan you obtain through the usage of designer skin tanning lotions and the natural sun tan.

Designer skin tanning lotions combine the most efficient ingredients with the most advanced technology in order to produce the best tanning effects to your skin. You will forget about skin paleness, you will simply look terrific and your skin surface will gain that wonderful glow everybody expects from a sunless tanning lotion.

Moreover, your skin will become radiant and will have that healthy look. As designer skin tanning lotions are extremely efficient, forget about the risk of skin aging. Your skin will become darker in the easiest way possible without feeding it with dangerous chemicals.


What is also great about designer skin tanning lotions is the fact that they not leave an unpleasant odor on the skin. That odor comes from a chemical ingredient that all sunless tanning lotions have in order to fix the dark color on the surface of the skin; some manufacturers try to mask that smell, but a great majority of such products still have an odd smell. Designer skin tanning lotions instead, offer you a great fragrance that remains on your skin, just like a body lotion.

These types of high quality sunless tanning products also contain ingredients like lipoic acid and copper peptide that have are powerful anti aging agents that also have strong skin regeneration effects. They give you the skin rejuvenation it always needs. Remember that tanning lotions do not contain sun protection factors.

In case of sun exposure, you are strongly recommended to use a UV protection lotion, spray, or oil that protect you skin from the damaging sun rays.

Designer skin tanning lotions are considerably cheap, but remember that a sunless tanning lotion does not necessarily have to be expensive in order to provide you with best results. Keep in mind that cheap sunless tanning products do not always are of a cheap quality.

Most of them contain natural ingredients that keep your skin healthy; so are the designer skin tanning lotions. They offer you best tanning results, safe usage, smooth application, soft and healthy skin and fast results. These products are also highly rated by the consumers and have very good customer reviews. You can find them at low prices, from 15 to 35 dollars, you invest little money and benefit from high quality.

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